Tuesday, August 22, 2023

2023-24 #3 - Perf Camp, WGI Raceway Pics, Program Ads, & Payment Reminders

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  • Performance Camp Week
  • Pictures from Watkins Glen International volunteers
  • Program Ad reminders - due Sept 1
  • Payment reminders:
    • $25 for comp band members (pants)
    • $250 upcoming for MetLife trip beginning of November
    • $333 due AUG 25 for Tennessee Trip

Monday, August 14, 2023

2023-24 #2 CPP Band Booster Weekly Update



Quick hits, more details available on CPPBANDS.ORG:

From Mrs Griffin, "Performance Band's family & friends performance will be Friday 8/25 at 7:00. Prior to the performance we will have a picnic in the cafeteria for all band members and families. Let's celebrate the end of camp together! The picnic will be a dish to pass so start thinking about your favorite dish to share with others! Please arrive with your dish at 5:15, enjoy dinner and meet the Band Booster officers before heading to the stadium for our show."


Thank you to all who volunteered, donated, and bought chicken dinners this past Saturday. We sold ALL OF THE CHICKEN DINNERS and maximized this as a fundraising opportunity. Look for another one in the Spring.


Thank you also to everyone who has provided their contact information. Going forward we will limit communications to people who have filled out this form: https://forms.gle/3ceSS8JToF7PinSn8, and those who have supplied their information to the band directors. The email system is still being adjusted so we are doing our best to include everyone without overstepping.


The website has undergone changes so please let us know if anything is missing or not working correctly. We strive to provide effective communications and www.cppbands.org is one of the best ways to do that. 


At the bottom of the home page, you'll see a combined calendar for ALL the performing groups which can be overwhelming. But you can click on the links atop the calendar to see individual groups, or you can use the drop-down arrow on the upper-right to choose which calendars to view. There are also direct links to each calendar atop the frame. We suggest subscribing to the view that works best for you using the "+Google Calendar" at the bottom of the calendar frame.


We are starting the process of ordering band shoes ($36) for those who need them. *** PLEASE, PLEASE *** check with your student. Sometimes they order the shoes and forget to pass that info to you. Sometimes they don't order shoes, even though they are needed. The cost of band shoes is $36 per pair.


Thank you so much for your patience & support. It is shaping up to be another fantastic year!



Wednesday, August 9, 2023

2023-24 #1 C-PP Band Boosters Update



First, our apologies if you receive this multiple times or if this no longer applies to you. There is a glitch with the new C-PP email system and not all our contact info is up to date. 

If you would like to continue receiving C-PP Band Boosters info, please fill out this form so we can have current contact info: https://forms.gle/qZXCFMfEKXKaGyaS6.



Find more details at http://www.cppbands.org.

Subscribe to our calendar at: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/embed?src=63eb9d9edb6f12b923913bb9f9e2690fd95aaf0b233de39521f59aebc014ca79%40group.calendar.google.com&ctz=America%2FNew_York 

Thank you all!

CPP Band Boosters